DE Africa Tools Package

deafrica_tools is a Python package contains several modules with functions to load, analyse and output data from Digital Earth Africa. It is automatically installed in the Digital Earth Africa Sandbox environment. More information on installing this package can be found on the Tools section of the GitHub repository.

Core modules


Functions for computing remote sensing band indices on Digital Earth Africa data.


Machine learning functions for classification of remote sensing data contained in an Open Data Cube instance.


Functions for simplifying the creation of a local dask cluster.


Functions for loading and handling Digital Earth Africa data.


Functions to retrieve ERA5 gridded climate data.


Functions for plotting Digital Earth Africa data.


Spatial analyses functions for Digital Earth Africa data.


Functions for calculating per-pixel temporal summary statistics on a timeseries stored in a xarray.DataArray.


Functions for working with the Wetlands Insight Tool (WIT)

Apps and widgets

deafrica_tools app subpackages can be accessed through

Loading and interacting with data in the change filmstrips notebook, inside the Real_world_examples folder.

Functions for loading and interacting with data in the crop health notebook,

Create an interactive map for selecting satellite imagery and exporting image files.

Wetlands insight tool widget, which can be used to run an interactive version of the wetlands insight tool.

Functions for easily defining widgets in the context of DE Africa notebooks.


The code in this module is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (

Digital Earth Africa data is licensed under the Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0 license (


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