Digital Earth Africa User Guide

The Digital Earth Africa platform consists of a repository of Earth Observation data and a set of tools to view and analyse that data.

Data and Services

Dataset specifications

Access up-to-date technical specifications of all Digital Earth Africa datasets

See all available data specifications

Direct access

Directly access Digital Earth Africa data as COG files, from AWS S3 buckets, or through STAC

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DE Africa Map


Our user friendly map-based access to DE Africa data and products


Analysis Sandbox


Our JupyterLab Analysis Platform for exploring the data with access to analysis tools

Analysis Platform User Guide

Africa GeoPortal

Imagery from DE Africa is available in Esri’s Africa GeoPortal, providing geospatial tools, data and training


Web Services for GIS

Access to DE Africa data using Web Map Service and Web Coverage Service

Web Services User Guide

Metadata Explorer

The Metadata Explorer allows you to see where and when you can find data